Main Building Leasable Space

1st Floor

Suite 101 (2,745 sq ft)

Offers glass storefront nearest the primary entrance tower and lobby.

Suite 102 (4,038 sq ft)

Unique space offering independent corner entrance from Main/Bridge intersection and from within central corridor offering large internal storefront. Two level space design. 

Suite 103 (4,038 sq ft)

Large space featuring hardwood flooring, large rear windows and storefront along central corridor.

Suite 104 (1,460 sq ft)

Located with equal accessibility from North Annex entrance, Main Street entrance and central corridor.

Suite 105 (828 sq ft)

Deluxe executive office space. Corner office with views of river and Main Street Bridge. Easy access from Main Street entrance.

Suite 106 (1,463 sq ft)

Premium retail/commercial space with access from Main Street entrance and main building tenants.

Deluxe executive office space (Suite A)

Executive Suite concept.

1st floor central corridor

Second Floor (Leased)

22,500 sq ft – Lifepoint/DRMC

Second floor waiting area view.

Third & Fourth Floor (Leased)

45,000 sq ft – Spectrum Medical